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Our Philosophy

Lakeshore provides a learning environment for infants through school age children. We use both teacher guided curriculum as well as emergent curriculum in all our classrooms. We feel there are things children should be provided with for a successful journey into elementary school. Lakeshore provides that opportunity. We use teacher guided academics for math and literacy as well as weekly studies that encourage open-ended play.  Our hope is for children to learn through creative exploration, as they build on their ever-changing skills. We provide home-cooked meals, outdoor recess, educational learning, skill building opportunities, as well as special events and holiday celebrations to fulfill the whole child's needs. Our focus is to prepare these youngsters for young adulthood and encourage them to connect with their community and develop a love for learning. We hope the time you spend at Lakeshore Learning Center will promote long term friendships and connections between families in our community.



Create. Learn. Connect.

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